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Shamisen in Hamburg

Shamisen is a traditional Japanese and popular string musical instrument which was born in Osaka, Japan and is often used in various music scenes or other traditional performances. Wakanagi is a music school that is based in Osaka and has been teaching traditional music instruments such as Shamisen for a long time.
We opened the Hamburg branch of Wakanagi to teach Shamisen in Hamburg. Participation in Shamisen lessons is welcome anytime but only until September 2024. At the beginning, participants will start with private lessons on dates and times that fit individual schedules. After finishing the beginner's lesson, group lessons will follow, where participants can also enjoy ensemble. Assuming that participants are beginners and international, the lessons will be given in Japanese or English and in a solid manner that has been established via a long-time teaching experience in Wakanagi.
After October 2024, online lessons will follow in which students will participate from Hamburg, whereas teachers will participate from Osaka.
To start with, apply for a free trial lesson at the following website!



Contents Shamisen
Duration of lessons Private lesson: 1 hour
Group lesson: 2 hours
Number of lessons Twice per month
Date and time of lessons

Dates and times that fit individual schedules are to be fixed every month.


In the area of Rotherbaum, Hamburg
(The applicant/participant is to be informed of the exact location by the teacher.)

Nearest bus stop Johnsallee (114, 15, 5; 2 minutes walk)
Nearest train station Johnsallee (114, 15, 5; 2 minutes walk)
Teacher 藤本摂浩勝
(Fujimoto Setsuhiromasaru)
Fee Admission 10,000 JPY
Monthly tuition fee 10,000 JPY
(to be paid via PayPal)
Rental Shamisen Monthly rent 2,000 JPY + deposit 500 EUR (to be paid via PayPal)

藤本摂浩勝(Fujimoto Setsuhiromasaru)



2015 Start learning Shamisen from 藤本秀摂浩 (Fujimoto Hidesetsuhiro)
2017 Permitted the stage name of 藤本摂浩勝 (Fujimoto Setsuhiromasaru)
2021 Certified as 準師範 (Jun-Shiham, associate instructor)

In-person lesson

In-person lessons of Shamisen are to be held until September 2024. During the first two months for beginners, private lessons are given twice a month. Afterwards, group lessons will follow. Please make sure that starting to learn and play Shamisen at the Wakanagi Hamburg branch is only possible by participating in at least two-month in-person lesson.


Online lesson

After October 2024, online lessons will start. It is expected that this is usually given in the morning of the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). The teacher will give a lesson in Japan, while the students will participate in the lesson in Hamburg.


Free Trial Lesson