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(二上り 本調子 三下り)
kamigata-shamisen lite

This app lets you play the Kamigata Shamisen anywhere and anytime on your iPad.

This app has an authentic Kamigata Shamisen sound.
Like a real shamisen, it has 3 strings with notes mapped on each string.


To make a sound, use the fingers of your right hand in the “bachi” (pick) position and tap the desired string. To strum a specific note, use the fingers on your left hand to press the desired note on the fret, and strum the corresponding string with your right hand. Once you get the hang of it, it is also possible to play more than one string at once.

In Niagari the pitch of the 1st string is D, the 2nd is A and the 3rd is D. So the pattern is D A D.
In Honchõshi the pitch of the 1st string is D, the 2nd G and the 3rd D. So the pattern is D G D.
In Sansagari the pitch of the 1st string is D, the 2nd G and the 3rd C. So the pattern is D G C.

You tap the “sao” (neck) with the fingers of your left hand. Based on the placement of your left fingers, the notes change.

Typically the forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger are used to press the strings on the sao. The little finger is not used.

Though a Western octave has 12 notes in total, shamisen uses only 10 of those notes.

“0” is used to represent the sound made when an open string is played. The notes 0 – 10 span one octave.0 and 10 are the same note, one octave apart.

Because the sound between 9 and 10 is not usually used, it is omitted and has no notation.

Because the note between 3 and 4 is not used in traditional Japanese music, but is common in Western music, it is notated as #. This is used when playing Western music on the shamisen.

Shamisen Lite only allows you play songs in the tuning set of Niagari. There are three different standard tuning sets in traditional Japanese music. What this means is that any sheet music will indicate what set should be used, and each string will be tuned accordingly.

The full version of this app allows you to play in the Honchōshi and Sansagari tuning set as well as Niagari. The three tuning sets follow the pattern of D G D, D G C and D A D respectively.

Make sure the mute button is not on.

楽譜がダウンロードできます。The score of the music is on this site.